Making the web work

Hello, my name is Marjolein Mosmans. I am the face behind AutomaMA and I have over 20 year of experience in various roles in IT. From application manager, to trainer, programmer, functional/technical consultant, software architect and CTO.

What I enjoy most is converting a customer’s wishes and ideas into a workable solution that makes everyone happy.

How can I help?

In solving your IT challenges. That may sound vague, but I strongly believe that automation serves people. So if you or your organization have a question or problem in the field of IT. -Think, for example, of a process that is not running smoothly, a website that needs to be built. A system that just doesn’t meet your needs 100% or a link that doesn’t work properly – then I can help.

I have experience in IT since 1998. That doesn’t mean that I know or can do everything, of course, but it does mean that I can come a long way and also know enough people with additional experience and expertise if necessary.

Originally I did not have an IT education, but I graduated as a pedagogue. I got into IT because I noticed during my first job that working with computers came easily to me. And because I was EXTREMELY annoyed by the user-unfriendliness of the computer system we had to work with.

I thought that all this should be better and more user-friendly. So when a vacancy came up at a software company that could use my expertise, I didn’t hesitate long.


I have never regretted the career switch. Working in IT is very fun and challenging. And if I can also communicate with people about the ‘how and why’ (that’s where my original education comes in handy). And people understand what is happening and we have worked together on the best possible (IT) solution, then my mission has succeeded.

In recent years, of course, a lot has changed in automation. And I’m glad that it works well to go along with it: .NET, java, javascript, databases, HTML, Azure, AWS, SCRUM. These are all things I am familiar with.

What can you expect from me?

That I put you back in control of your IT challenge.

I like not to make things more complex than necessary. It is therefore also possible that an IT problem can be solved better with a change in the organization than with endless programming. Or that an IT problem is just an IT problem that needs to be solved. We decide on the approach in consultation.

I like to explain as clearly as possible what I do and why I do it. And I like to discuss whether, and how, knowledge should be transferred.

Even if things are not feasible or very complex, I will indicate this as soon as possible and look for alternatives.

But if you just need to program or give advice, then of course I’m there too!

The ultimate goal is that your IT challenge is solved in a good, solid and sustainable way.

IT solutions

AutomaMA is now growing one step further. We started offering an email subscription for a customer 2 years ago. This works so well that we also want to help other organizations with this. So take a quick look at which kind of solutions we offer


If you want to know if I can help you further, we can of course always have a virtual cup of coffee.



Marjolein Mosmans

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