What does AutomaMA mean?

I regularly get asked where the name AutomaMA comes from. And I can imagine: some people think it has something to do with cars. But that is not the case (although I quite like cars). But here’s the real answer to the question: what does AutomaMA mean?


AutomaMA comes from

  • ‘Automa’ from automation, in other words: IT
  • ‘Auto’ from the Greek ‘self’. According to my parents, I’ve been saying since I was three that I want to do everything ‘myself’. And as much as I enjoyed working as an employee; I prefer to be in charge myself.
  • ‘mama’ comes from…indeed; my son Berend. AutomaMA was actually founded way back in 2005; Berend was 1 years old at the time and it was always my dream to combine motherhood and entrepreneurship.
  • ‘MA’ were -in a past life- my initials. That is why the company name is AutomaMA .

the tagline (as it is so beautifully called) is ‘Making the web work’

I believe in the potential of the internet and automation to connect people and make things work easier and more efficiently. Unfortunately, you sometimes see that automation works ‘against’. That projects become too complex and that the systems are more important than the people. That’s how I think IT should NOT work. Actually my tagline should be; ‘Making the web work for a sustainable world’. A world in which sustainability and people are the centerpoint. Who knows what will happen again…

What does AutoMA mean? So for me it also means a way to contribute to a better world from my passion for IT and automation? How? You can read that here.