Sounds familiar? Waking up in the middle of the night with an ‘eureka’? You found the answer to a problem of many people? You envision it all in your mind: that website or app that will make the lives of many people (I always dream about ‘millions of people’) easier? You have a brilliant idea for an app or solution?

And then it dawns

And in the light of day, your solution suddenly looks a little less exciting. And doubt comes around the corner again. What if no one is waiting for it? What if it’s a stupid idea that only costs money and time, and won’t get you anything? What if it doesn’t work at all the way you thought it would last night?


All are very recognizable. I usually get ideas like that when I’m walking. And I get the doubt when I’m back at home behind my laptop. And I remember that many others probably have the same idea, or that it is probably complicated to implement. It itches

But still.

Recently I had an idea for an app for our travel agency: Travel Magical Morocco. Because we receive more requests, it is more difficult to keep an overview. And I have looked around at existing solutions, but they are too expensive and too large. And….important for us; These are solutions for when you are working on your travel agency from behind your laptop. An app is really nice for us; so that those who are on the road (in Morocco :-)) also have direct insight into the state of affairs and the trips that have been planned and booked.

So let’s get started

So on a quiet weekend, I got to work: with Flutterflow and with Xano: a database built in Xano and an app in Flutterflow. It took me a few hours, but after some tinkering I had a small working app that does exactly what I want; provide insight into our trips and their planning. And; available via mobile phone. It was nice to be working ‘out-of-the-box’ with a new idea. See if it works and what is, or is not missing.

After the prototype

So now I have a brilliant idea for an app or solution and a prototype. And how do we proceed? I am currently looking for a programmer who can convert the 2 pages of the prototype into a real app. And then the database will be converted to a database that simply runs on my own VPS (Virtual Private Server).

In real life

And then we have a working app, a cheap app: the versions of Flutterflow and Xano that I am using are free. I can show the programmer exactly what I want; so it’s a matter of replicating it. And that database will also be there. Then we have an app that works the way I came up with during those walks. In any case, something we are very happy with for the travel agency.

And now?

I do not know yet. Maybe I’ll see if other travel agencies also need this, or if we just keep it small. I do know a few things: a prototype is made quickly and cheaply with the right tools conversion to a real app is possible this is a fun process And…I already have the next idea for an app in my head. 🙂

And your app?

Would you also like to get started with an idea that lingers in your head? Please contact us and we may be able to help you!

Image by 3881102 via Pixabay

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